Amanda Blow, Torri Pines

MILFs Like It Black - Amanda Blow, Torri Pines - Interracial MILF
MILFsLikeItBlack: Unfortunately, Greedy this week has been acting up. Loosing money and causing fights. We’re all feeling the heat from the lack of green coming our way. Its alright though because we’ve got lined up not one but two fine ass Lesbian Milfs who want some Black Cock! We gave Greedy a second chance to work and collect money from these bitches. But his time is coming near to an end…

Bailey Brooks

MILFs Like It Black - Bailey Brooks - Interracial MILF
MILFsLikeItBlack: This week, the guys will have their hands full… A stuck up Milf by the name of Bailey gave em a call and she says she needs to be sex’d up!!! She needs a full makeover and a black cock to brighten up her life!!! They’ll give her what she wants fo’ sho!!!

Zoey Holloway

MILFs Like It Black - Zoey Holloway - Interracial MILF
MILFsLikeItBlack: Welcome to Milfs Like It Black, the only black male escort agency where Milfs go to get some black cock! Meet Big D, Bugsy, Tactics and their rookie escorts and see them pound some good white meat!!! Today, a fine woman that goes by the name of Zoey will get drilled by a black screwdriver, that’s if she coughs up some green though!!!

Sarah J

MILFs Like It Black - Sarah J. - Interracial MILF
MILFsLikeItBlack: This week, our Boy DT, aka Deep Threat, aka Greedy got out of the pen and we decided to set him up with some finnnnnne pussy that wanted a Thug Life happy ending. Should have told the bitch that Greedy didn’t get any for 6 months… couldn’t even spank it. Hope her pussy can recover.MLB4Life!

Kasey Grant

MILFs Like It Black - Kasey Grant - Interracial MILF
MILFsLikeItBlack: As it happened, we ran out of kinky shit for our clients. We decided to go to the sex shop today and stock up! Not only a good place for products, but as today proved, it’s also good for clients. We sent our new boy Flash out on the job. He did good, almost broke her in two!!!

Mahina Zaltana

MILFs Like It Black - Mahina Zaltana - Interracial MILF
MILFsLikeItBlack: Mahina, round two! That’s right, this week DT aka Greedy takes a stab at her and brings it home! Well, maybe not the money but a banging resort at least. As always Greedy flipped and fucked that bitch six ways from Sunday. An episode well worth watching! Big D

Raquel Devine

MILFs Like It Black - Raquel Devine - Interracial MILF
MILFsLikeItBlack: You would not believe the clients that walk through our door sometimes. Well, this week we’ve got one real crazy milf. Not only does she want to clean our house, but she wants to do it while stripping! Anyways, if she likes to clean ill give her something to clean cause you gotta do what you gotta do. MLB4LIFE

Mahina Zaltana

MILFs Like It Black - Mahina Zaltana - Interracial MILF
MILFsLikeItBlack: The MLB crew is in for a special request this week when Mahina calls them up for a hard pounding on her boss’ desk… Looks like the rookie will go at it again when she chooses his black ass!!!

Moxxie Maddron

MILFs Like It Black - Moxxie Maddron - Interracial MILF
MILFsLikeItBlack: Moxxie the divorced housewife paid us a visit this week with a suitcase filled with a part of her alimony… All she wanted was to be a lifetime customer so she can randomly get big black cock shoveling her wet white pussy!!! We gave it to her good!!!

Cassidy Lynn

MILFs Like It Black - Cassidy Lynn - Interracial MILF
MILFsLikeItBlack: Attention all MOFOS fans! All hell breaks loose on the season finally of MLB. The crew looses all money from the sale of the house, they are in debt more than ever before and the law comes crashing down on them. But on a positive note Cassidy Lynn is willing to pay insane amounts of cash just to have her anal virginity broken.